Love that book by L'Engle and your beautiful expression. I know you'll get an all clear!

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As both RN and someone who has waited for yes-it-is/no-it's-not results, I love this glimpse into your feelings. I love how you have a bench you walk to, as needed. It likely waits for you...

I have places too, mostly near certain trees as I water them deeply by hand. I love how you describe the bridges, and the "pearly blue" water that day.

Yes, I feel it. too---the walk there, that journey is almost everything.

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Thank you Holly for your vulnerability and also for sharing!

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This is quite beautiful. You describe your experience wonderfully. The MRI sounds sort of terrifying. I love walks myself, deep in nature. My father is dying of terminal cancer. He just got his latest MRI results. Still waiting on lung scan. I write about his experience here.

Anyway. Thank you.

Michael Mohr

‘The Incompatibility of Being Alive’


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